I was not expecting to be raising my two children on my own. My husband and I had a lot of dreams when we were younger, but it seems those dreams were shattered as we got older and our family grew. He did not like the responsibility, and he just up and left the three of us. I couldn’t even get child support from him because I had no idea where he went. I had two choices. I could either start looking at apartments in Newport News and begin taking charge of our lives, or I could pout and lose everything that was still precious to me, which are my children.

I am not a quitter like my ex is, and the love I have for my two children is stronger than anything else in my world. I knew that I would be able to take care of the three of us, but it did mean moving from the house we had been renting into an apartment. The house payment alone was more than we could have afforded even when we were both working, so I knew that there was no way I could carry it on my own.

I looked at three bedroom apartments that would not break the bank, and I found the perfect one at Autumn Lakes. This apartment complex is great for people like me. I knew that the kids and I would be able to get our fresh start there, and I submitted my application within minutes of looking at the pictures on the website for the complex. Within ten days, my brother was helping us move in there. Life is very different now, but it is also a whole lot better too. All three of us are much happier now, so my ex actually did all of us a great favor by bailing out on us.