The thought of earning $296 in commissions is certainly enticing, and that alone is a reason to take a look at the 60 Days to 1k program. This system promises to teach a way to combine publishing, authority websites, email sales funnels, and Facebook postings in order to generate a steady stream of ever-expanding income. Of course, there are plenty of programs that promise to bring good financial results, so it makes sense to get more details.

Experienced internet marketers, writers, and SEO authorities will be able to catch the main thrust of the program just by reading its sales page, so it is clearly geared for those with less experience, and it does all it can to bring newcomers up to speed. It starts off with a promise to provide 23 videos and a 130-page manual for the first section alone! Large amounts of material are provided for the other aspects, as well.

The idea behind the program is simple. It starts with self-publishing, which has been made very easy by the development of Kindle and other electronic book distribution methods. Then, the person makes an authority site to promote the books. The collection of email addresses facilitates email marketing to current customers and keeps repeat sales going. Finally, a Facebook page allows the marketer to engage current customers and future prospects.

Where does the $296 in commissions come in? It’s a percentage of the total that will be charged for the initial program and an upsell, and it works out to 60 percent of the total price. To make it easier to sell, there is a 60 Days to 1k bonus download.

This program has not yet launched, but those experienced in selling plans of this nature know this is a good thing. By getting in prior to launch, you’ll have a much easier time with your own SEO efforts geared toward selling such products. Another notable fact is that the program isn’t running on ClickBank. Instead, it goes through a site called JV Zoo. This means there will be a smaller pool of potential competitors. Overall, it is very likely that this will be a good product for internet marketers to promote.