Business operations involve proper functioning of a complex structure. In order to facilitate proper functioning of an organization, ensure better productivity from all its components and climb a step further in the ladder and stay ahead in the extremely competitive market, organizations perform as a collection of interconnected departments. Each of these departments is headed by ace professionals.

Judd Feldman is currently the Chief Finance Officer (CFO) of Access Information Management. The primary function of a CFO is to decide the financial strategy of the organization so that the firm makes maximum profit and gains more sustainability.

Feldman has graduated from Duke University with a degree in Economics. He started his career with Sears Holding Corporations as its Senior Manager. Later he went on to become Divisional CFO in Product Services, Hardlines, and The Great Indoors in Sears Holdings Corporation. Feldman worked in Seans for more than a decade and then moved to become the Chief Financial Officer in Empire Today. Currently he is the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at Access Information Management. He has helped to bring elevate the position of his current company to become the largest privately-held records and information management company in the United States, and the second largest in the world.

The extensive experience that Judd Feldman gained over these long years by working in different companies has enriched his knowledge to invest in making strategic financial decisions, effectively communicate and coordinate with his fellow officers and employees, shareholders, to implement the strategies and convert them into profit for the company. This has played significant role in developing the organization, take it to the top position among other companies in the competitive market.

Feldman’s diligent performance in Access Information Management has earned the company triple its revenue and EBITDA (Earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization). His brilliant strategies and execution has brought the organization up in the order of industry ranking. Judd’s believed and principles could be some of the secrets that enable him to be the best CFO. He believes that best businesses constantly find a way to make themselves better, transaction after transaction, day after day, year after year. This reflects his strong sense of perseverance dedication for his work which results in unmatched success for the company that he works in.

Judd Feldman primarily believes in helping the companies to transform the way they operate their businesses. It would be difficult for the companies to shift to unfamiliar context so Judd tries to enhance the way they have been doing business by improving the vision of the companies. It is because in order to bring about meaningful change the vision and aim has to be modified. He tries to find areas of improvement in the strategy of the firms and then changes the strategy and along with it he brings about changes in execution of the strategies. These are some of the game changing components and Judd works on these areas to ensure that the organization reaches the epitome of success.