What is creativity in the true sense? Generally, mankind loves to believe it as something which they are born with, something that is an inherent quality gifted by God. Often few children are found to be creative at a very early age, while the others aren’t. Now, there’s no explanation behind this, since creativity isn’t a generic trait like that of height, eye color, body shape or anything of that sort. Instead, creativity can be properly explained in being able to connect the dots in between the things that are known. Whenever one comes across the eureka moments, it isn’t the sudden moments of inspiration that comes out of nowhere.

Vijaya Prakash Boggala says that it is instead the knowledge that has been accrued and learned over the years, which by sudden connections ignites while the brains are at rest. It is very much essential that it is being done with the right side of the brain- however; studies have shown that it is preferably the left side of the brain since that is keener towards processing the data and ideas in human mind. But creativity is a proper combination of both the lobes of the human brain working in the right manner. While the right side of the brain help mankind make the sense of connections in life, like the stories and metaphors that one come across in life, the left side helps in involving it with the logic and process it when needed.

Now creativity is very inherently connected with any form of art, and to the 21st-century generation, nothing can be bigger and a better art form than photography. With the eyes behind the lens, the photographers try finding a new world within this world, something new in the old known things in life. And without creativity, it is not possible at all. And street photography amidst all the formats has gained the maximum prominence. Since the diversity on the roads can be better observed than any other place, photographers have always preferred to go down on the streets and find their own new world in the known lanes.

Most of the reputed and creative photographers like Henri Cartier Cresson and Sebastian Salgado started off as painters and economist before finding any kind of interest in photography. While taking about photography, the former has always referred it to be the instant sketches. Hence photography is no less than painting on the broad open canvases. So whenever he went down on the road with his cameras, rather than taking photographs, he always preferred making them. He believed that having the patience of the monk to wait for the right scene to come up with the portrait. It is the patience that helped him have his compositions and backgrounds, and complete it with the right element.

Vijaya Boggala even believes that understanding is the key element in any art form, and it is derived directly from creativity. In order to understand better about what street photography is one need to immerse oneself fully not only during the shoot but also post it. Reading the snap, analyzing it, and then writing can help the photographers have the best understanding of it.