Being a part of the military is both a work of honour and of courage. It is a place that trains you in such a way that even when you think of transitioning your life as a simple and regular civilian, it is not very difficult. As a matter of fact, certain things of everyday life appear to much more simple to do than it would have been otherwise.

There are several military officers who share the same feeling, but there is also a group of officers who feel that their skills are all wasted in this transition. All that they had learned through the rigorous training of the military cannot be utilised into the regular scenario of life. This thought can be altered only when the former officers can identify which skills were taught on a generalised basis and which were specialized, feels Alexander Cronstein a member of the U.S. Marine Corps, who is currently serving as the field artillery officer.

It is who has suggested that any military officers in order to use his skills effectively needs to first understand the inherent usefulness of a particular skill. For example, since he is an artillery officer, his job in the military is to know weapons in all their different forms and how and where in a combat can they be utilized. Superficially it would appear that the skill is know the weapon but the inherent skills is that of quick judgement, the ability to discern what can be used where and how to its best effect.

This ability and skill of quick decision has helped him tremendously in his daily survival as a common man, as decision making is one of the most important things in a regular life style, in various aspects of it. Similarly, the discipline that one learns during the military training is something that each officer carries with him/her where ever they go. It kind of becomes a symbol for them, and synonymous to them. This discipline again is a very essential key to a happy and healthy living, because it is only through discipline that one can bring order in life.

Cleanliness, diligence, patience are all parts of being disciplined, and these are all necessary elements of anyone’s life.  The values which one learns at the military grounds also help the officer, who is endeavouring to transit to the normal way of life, in a major way. It is no doubt that Alexander Cronstein is very successfully transitioning to a civilian life, in order to take his MBA.  He is an active officer of the Marine Corps and has also worked with NATO military where he trained to combat global terrorism.

Military skills can thus, very effectively and efficiently be deployed in the civilian life, all that any officer needs to do is to understand the inherent utility of each and every skill that he has been trained to develop. Understanding the underlying skill is the key to apply military skills in the real world.