When you see iconic players of the NFL, you might often wonder what are the secrets of their success? They are at the peak of mental and physical agility. They ensure the team wins when it comes to important tournaments and are inspiring role models to millions of young people across the globe to today. The secret of their success is not only physical stamina. The players also have mental stamina and this is why they are famous today.

What is mental stamina in NFL

Duval Love – the famous NFL player answers this question simply. He says when you are playing for the NFL, you should have the passion and determination to play professional football. This means you should be deeply in love with the ball that you make it your companion for life.

Yes, like all relationships there are ups and downs. There will be moments when you are so overwhelmed, you do not know what to do. This is all a part of the game he says. These Duval Love NFL tips have helped many young boys who wish to play for NFL. He tells them devotion and a firm mental build-up is needed to survive. Mere talent is now a thing of the past and if you have to make your mark in this arena, you need to be both mentally and physically strong!

His road to success…

Like every young boy, he grew up watching his favorite NFL teams and players in action. He always wanted to be like them and checked his height when he was growing up. His father was his key inspiration and thanks to him he is the NFL player he always wanted to be. He says his father is like an elder brother to him. His parents have been married for 45 years and they are a solid rock of support for him. NFL is not easy if you are not passionate to excel from within. You should play for yourself and not for satisfying the expectations of others he says.

He has been very lucky to have had his parents beside him for all these years. He says that if it was not for them he would not have been the successful NFL player he is today.

Diet and exercise regime

Daily diet and exercise regime must be followed for you to excel in the NFL arena. It is important for you to ensure that you dedicatedly practice for perfection. The match will last for one day and it is here you need to prove yourself. The effort may be hard but its value is priceless. You will be adored and respected by people across the world for your playing skills. A disciplined life and self-control is very important when it comes to food and other recreational activities he says. Rest and sleep are also important for you to perform your best!

Therefore, if you wish to become an NFL player, just follow these simple Duval Love NFL tips. You will surely succeed and live your dreams soon!