‘Focusing’ in Business

It is true that business is a major part of life but a greater truth is that there are many more other aspects of life that need to be tended to by an individual. This is when one finds it difficult to cope up with both and hence looses focus. But ‘focus’ or aim is the one thing that is extremely important in the maintenance of a business. If you do not know what you want from your business, it will be impossible for you to strategize and ensure optimal profits.

However, though several people do have businesses of their own, not all of them are aware of the essence of focus. It is thus, JD Dukes a business strategist is trying to inculcate this into the minds of the strugglers in business. He loves to help companies in maximizing their growth potential, so that they are able to achieve their financial goals.

There are numerous challenges within the realm of business, but a successful businessman emerges out of all these problems just by focusing on a few points.

  1. Defining Goals: any situation in life demands the definition of goals in it. You need to be clear headed as to what is it that you want from your business. The reason for doing so, is that you can work towards, device plans and strategies to reach those goals. But of course, you should keep those aspirations real and attainable, there is no point in setting high end goals that you know is not possible to attain. This is what will motivate you to achieve those ends.
  2. Prioritizing and Keeping a Track of your Efforts: always identify which is the most important task that needs attention at the present moment and then get done with it at the first instance. The moment you see yourself progressing, you will get a boost to go further ahead. Tracking your progress further helps you to understand how much resource have been utilized and how much more will be required.
  3. Planning Beforehand: employing the trial and error method is not a wise thing to do, instead it is better to get the help of experts like JD Dukes and plan and make business strategies ahead of time, so that when the time is ripe, you indulge in them instantly without any delay. But don’t forget that there are high chances that you may be faced with adverse situations, so you have to be prepared.
  4. Keeping the outcome very vivid in your mind : this point of focus often helps when you feel demoralized or are not able to think clearly, when you know what you will be achieving at the end of the day, it becomes very easy for you to work towards it.

Though keeping your focus fixed on these points can be a tad bit challenging, however, that is what business is all about. Only when you are able to successfully set and meet your own challenges, will you be able to outshine your competitors in the market without a glitch.

Global Business Management Program Is Designed For Mature Learners

Did you know that if you have completed a post-secondary program, you may be entitled to take a shorter program should you want to move up in your career or switch career paths all together? If this is the case and you are interested in the global business environment, you may want to consider Centennial Colleges offering.
The Global Business Management programs takes two years to complete and is open to applicants who already possess a three-year college diploma or university degree in any discipline or those who have a two-year college diploma or a partial university degree (75 per cent complete), and who have a minimum of two years work experience relevant to the program.
Mature students will find this offering beneficial as it uses Business Management Canada topics as a base and then adds international concepts that prepare them for entry-level management and professional roles with international organizations, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and domestic businesses operating on a global scale. The knowledge students obtain is even transferable across several industries and gives them the ability to lead and manage effectively in the global business environment.
Classes contain a blend of strategic management, and international concepts. Among specific Global Business Management courses are: Global Business Strategy (strategy formulation is emphasized via three steps: a strong conceptual foundation delineating the steps involved in successful international business planning; developing an analytical decision-making framework; and finally getting a hands on experience of making decisions in cross functional teams); International Banking and Finance (gives students an overview of international money markets, the elements of risk management, the role of financial institutions and a case study approach to why companies merge or interest rates fluctuate and why do stock markets fluctuate); Comparative Geopolitical Systems (examines world-systems and how global and regional systems have changed and been changed by relationships between people and places while providing students with an organized study of historical, geographical, social and cultural factors in world regions. It encourages the student to develop from this study, objective criteria for working constructively with diversity); and more.
Students are encouraged to learn concepts through engaging guest speakers, partaking in external competitions, presenting research reports and industry visits and a final-semester Capstone Project. The Capstone Project is a hands-on application that requires students to apply what theyve learned by completing an integrated team project for a business client within the Greater Toronto Area.
Because there are strong employment prospects for graduates, international students who successfully complete Centennials Global Business Management program may be eligible to apply for a work permit (up to three years) upon graduation.

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