The solar electricity systems are becoming a very common thing in most households and business areas. The most important thing that is making people change over from the conventional electricity systems to this new one is because it falls much easy on the pocket in the long run. Apart from this there are several other benefits of using solar power.

Any solar PV system consists of 4 basic components of which one is the Racking and Mounting system. These panels are responsible for fixing the solar panels either to the roof of the customer’s premise or the ground of the same. The provision for positioning the panels in a way that they can capture the sun’s rays to the maximum is made by these panels.

The Horizon Solar Power privately held company responsible for the leading supply of solar electricity systems in Southern California, is very adept at its installation procedures. They first take into account the requirements of the customer, and carry out the planning and designing of the system customised according to the customer.  Thus they are able to position these racking and mounting systems very well.

There are two types of mounting systems available in the market namely: the fixed and the track mount system. In the fixed mount system the panels are stationary, i.e. they do not move; contrarily, the panels of a track mounting system resemble the sunflower, which follows every movement of the sun. The track mounts are further available as the single-axis track mounts and the dual axis track mounts.

The cost of track mounts is more in comparison to the fixed mounts because the production of electricity is enhanced by 30 % by them, but the fixed mount is the one that is suitable for installation of the solar panels on the rooftop, while the track mounts are made for those installed on the ground. The track mounts are ideal for those places that are facing the issues of space and want to produce high percentage of electricity with a limited number of solar panels.

All your problems and concerns regarding the changeover to solar power and the installation of the system in your premises will be very clearly explained to you by the experts of the Horizon Solar Power who have been working in the company since its conception in 1998. They are excellent educators and awareness creators regarding the merits of using solar power. They will be able to tell you how by using solar power to produce electricity, you not only help the environment but also help yourself greatly.

Though the installation of the solar electric systems may be a little heavy on the pocket yet in the long run it is one of the most clever investments one can make.  Moreover, the Horizon Company has many financing options available for you if you wish to install one at your house. All you need to do is get in touch with them and tell them your concerns, after that you only have to patiently wait and you will experience a ‘greener’ home within no time.